Syriac Orthodox Priest ‘Absorbed’ by Malankara Catholic Rite: Disregards Papal Stand on Uniatism

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OCP News Service – 21/6/19

“The path of Uniatism is not the path to walk today.” – Pope Francis of Rome.

Malankara-India: Fr.  Sunny Vettikatil, a priest of the Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church in India was absorbed by the Malankara Catholic Uniate Papsist Rite. The so-called ‘reunion’ event is a clear violation of the Papal stand on Uniatism.

Kuravilangad Papist ‘Nasrani’ Sangamom: A Problem for the Malankara Church?

In 2016, the Malankara Catholic Papist Rite absorbed around twenty-five families from the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church (Catholicate of the East), Syriac Orthodox Church in India (Patriarchate of Antioch & All-East) the Independent Thozhiyoor Churches (former Oriental Orthodox Church).

Vatican & Uniate Reunion: Indian, Syriac Orthodox & Thozhiyoor Faithful Join Malankara Eastern Catholic Rite

After the Second Vatican Council, the Roman Catholic Church stated that the unity with the Orthodox world should come through dialogue and not through the conversion of people, communities from Orthodox Churches to Eastern Catholic Papist Rites.

OCP Chancellor Slams Vatican Ecumenism & Uniate Movement

“It is today clear that the past method of ‘Uniatism,’ understood as the union of one community to the other, separating it from its Church, is not the way to re-establish unity.” From the Russian Orthodox Vatican Joint Declaration (

‘Parambil Chandy – the first Bishop of Indian Origin & Kuravalgnattu Might be the World’s First Marian Church’: Claims Mar Kallarangatt

If anyone wants to join the Roman Catholic Church, he or she is free to do the same, but using Uniatism as a tool to absorb Orthodox faithful to Roman Catholicism is an absolute violation of the existing understanding and practices.

Pope Wants to ‘Trick’ Orthodox Churches Through ‘Urgent’ Intercommunion

Malankara Catholic Rite is an Eastern Catholic Archiepiscopal Rite that separated from the Malankara Church in 1930 under the leadership of Archbishop Ivanios.

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