Support a Serbian Family from the Brink of Extinction in Kosovo and Metohija 

28.Jun NGO – 2/12/2020

The six-member Todorović family from Merdare live in a house on the brink of collapse, they do not have a functional bathroom, toilet or shower. They live 500 meters from the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and are tormented daily by their Albanian neighbours, who often break into their yard to steal cattle and agricultural machinery. SRPSKI

The village of Merdare is within the area that Kosovo Albanians hope to annex. During their visit, our team was struck by the contrast of sprawling mansions recently built by Albanians and the dismal condition of Serbian houses. Father Vukoje Đurić asked us to help several families living in this parish, and one of the most endangered is the Todorovićs.

Serbs here are on the brink of extinction. However, despite all their hardships, they have not given up their land. Dear friend, let’s come together to give them a fighting chance. Please give now or share with someone who might help.

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