Succariyeh: Orthodox Plan drives Lebanon ‘to its end’


Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Walid Succariyeh said that the Orthodox plan for a new electoral law implies the “end of Lebanon.”

In an interview with the Kuwaiti newspaper As-Seyassah, Succariyeh said that the Orthodox plan “will drive Lebanon into a sectarian federal system and this will cause schisms within Lebanese society [and create allegiances to foreign powers].”

During a Christian gathering held at Bkriki on Friday, Christian leaders and MPs assigned a commission to consult with all “national components” to draft a parliamentary electoral law based on the Orthodox proposal.

The Orthodox plan on the electoral law states that citizens should vote for candidates from their own sect.

Succariyeh said that such a proposal is likely to lead to “civil wars.”

He added that the Taif Accord, unlike the Orthodox plan, seeks to “realize national unity and reinforce it.”

The Taif Accord negotiated the end of the 15-year Lebanese civil war and called for political reform, including shifting power away from the Maronite Christian community. The Accord also established special relations between Lebanon and Syria.