Steven Spielberg refutes reports about making movie on 100th anniversary of “Armenian genocide”


Spokesman for famous film director: We are not going to make such a movie

Armenian media reports that famous American film director Steven Spielberg will make a movie on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the “Armenian genocide” have been refuted. Marvin Levy, spokesman for Steven Spielberg told the Hurriyet newspaper that they had no such a project. Levy said they were not offered to make such a movie.
“I read the news articles. I do not know where they are sourced from. We do not have any information about such a project. No one has offered this to us. We are not going to make such a movie,” he said.

Marvin Levy said Steven Speilberg’s name is always mentioned in various projects.
“We often face such cases. When people think about a project they say “It would be excellent to work with Spielberg”. I am grateful that you contacted us and asked this. No one calls us to ask. After that we are obliged to refute the reports,” he said.

The journalist said Speilberg is often mentioned in the movie projects about Ataturk in Turkey. Levy said:

“I understand it. It is strange that Spielberg is mentioned in every project, but I can not say this about the project regarding Ataturk. We have not received offer from Turkey, but it is understandable that Spielberg is mentioned in such a project. You know that Steven is making a movie about Lincoln. Ataturk is your greatest national hero. The world must know more about him. Maybe one day a film director will make a movie about him. I can not say that this film director will not be Spielberg,” he said.