St. Vladimir’s 2019-2020 Academic Year Begins With 22 New Students

SVOTS – 27/8/19

[SVOTS Communications / YONKERS, NY] St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary (SVOTS) welcomed twenty-two new seminarians to its campus Monday for the first day of the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

The incoming class hails from three countries—the United States, Canada, and India—and twelve different jurisdictions:

  • Orthodox Church in America (5)=22.5%
  • Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America (5)=22.5%
  • Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (2), Patriarchate of Serbia (1), Armenian Apostolic Church (1), Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria (1), three jurisdictions of the Malankara Churches (4), Roman Catholic Church (1), Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch (1), Church of the Nazarene (1)=55%

Twelve of those students are enrolled in the Master of Divinity (M.Div.)program, six in the Master of Arts (M.A.) program, and three in the Master of Theology (Th.M.) program. One student is in a non-degree track.

Counting the incoming class, the Seminary’s current student body is 87 (including Doctor of Ministry, continuing, and non-degree seminarians).

May the intercessions of Mary the Theotokos, Great and Holy Prince Vladimir, and all the saints be with these seminarians as they begin their new year in service to Christ!