St. Asdvadzadzin Church in Turkish-occupied Nicosia to be turned into a “culture center”


The Near East University will turn the Armenian Church in Nicosia into a cultural center, Gibrahayer e-magazine reports.

Speaking to reporters, the university’s Director of the Board of Trustees Irfan Gunsel stated that “works have been launched in order to turn the historical Armenian Church and Monastery into a culture center.”

Gunsel explained that the university got the right of the use of the church for 10 years, following the tender announced by the Vakif Foundation.

He noted that the university decided to turn the church into a cultural centre ,where many events will take place and will give a different look to Arapahmet neighborhood, where the church is founded.

The Church and the monastery have been restored through UNOPS and USAID project between 20, October 2009 to 31 July 2010.