Special Prayers Offered for Armenian and Artsakh Forces by the Orthodox Church



OCP News Service – 29/9/2020

Yerevan-Armenia: The Armenian Orthodox Church offered special prayers for the Armenian and Artsakh forces on September 27, in the St. Trdat Open Air Altar at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The prayer was offered in the context of the ongoing conflict in the region of  Nagorno-Karabakh between the Armenian and Azerbaijani forces.

The prayers were followed by the Divine Liturgy presided by Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan  (Director of the External Relations and Protocol Department).

“Today we pray for our children who are in a life-and-death struggle right now, we pray to God to strengthen their arms and protect them. We pray that God will give our generals, our soldiers, such strength that no other enemy will dare attack our Homeland. And we are sure that God is with us, we are sure that our soldiers will throw out, as it has been in recent decades, any attacker from our borders’’- Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisyan. 

OCP News Service