Slovakian Armenians already have Armenian Church

YEREVAN, JANUARY 31, ARMENPRESS: Slovakian Armenians already have Armenian Church. As Armenpress was informed from press secretariat of Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe, thanks to efforts of President of Armenian community in Slovakia Ashot Grigoryan, leadership of Slovakian Catholic Church allocated one of Bratislava’s ancient churches for using it as Armenian Church during 99 years.

The church, founded in 14th century, was renovated in 19th and 20th centuries.

An agreement was signed on January 30, granting the administration of one of Bratislava’s ancient churches with a goal to consecrate it as Armenian Apostolic to President of Slovakia’s Armenian community Ashot Grigoryan.

Bishop, His Holiness Haľko officially handed keys of the church to Ashot Grigoryan. Mr Grigoryan pledged to cover the expenses of the church and organize religious events, including ecumenical liturgies, celebrating all Armenian religious and national holidays. Father Barsegh Pilavchian, in his turn, promised to conduct regular services at the Armenian Church, with Father Tiran Petrosian voicing readiness to more often send clergymen from Vienna.