Siberian City Celebrates Easter in a Big Way

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© Photo: – 2/5/16

Residents of the Russian city of Yakutsk are celebrating Easter by baking what’s thought to be the biggest kulich (an Orthodox Easter holiday cake) in the world.

Twelve bakers and pastry cooks working at a local bakery in a Siberian city spent about three days to create this magnificent 1.5-meter tall treat which weighs about 400 kilograms (over 880 pounds).

According to RIA Novosti, it took about 200 kilograms of flour, 60 kilograms of sugar, about 900 eggs, nearly 50 kilograms of icing, 20 kilograms of candied fruit and 18 kilograms of raisins to bake this culinary wonder.

Residents and visitors to the city alike were able to partake of this Easter cake on May 1.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter, the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection, every spring. Usually Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, as established by the First Ecumenical Council in 325 A.D. However, Catholics and Protestant denominations have slightly modified this practice, and usually celebrate Easter on a different Sunday. All Orthodox churches hold a candle-lit service on the night before Easter morning.