Seven Orthodox Christians Among 117th U.S. Congress 

Capitol Building. Pic - Wiki

Capitol Building. Pic – Wiki

OCP News Service – 11/1/21

Washington DC – USA: According to a survey published by the Pew Research Center, there are seven Orthodox Christians among the ninety eighty Senate and the four hundred and thirty-three House seats.

Two hundred and ninety-four of them are Protestants, whereas one hundred and fifty-eight are Roman Catholics and thirty-three of them are Jewish.

294 – Protestants, 158 – Roman Catholics, 3- Jewish, 9 -Mormon,  7- Orthodox Christians, 3 – Muslims, 3- Unitarian Universalist, 2- Buddhist 2-  Hindu 1- Unaffiliated.

For a detailed report, please visit the Pew Research Center portal here:

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