Seven Bishops Ordained for the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

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Amir Ramzi (OCP Delegate of Alexandria and Egypt) – OCP News Service – 7/3/21

Cairo-Egypt: Seven new Bishops were ordained by Pope Tawadros II for the Coptic Orthodox Church on Sunday 7th of March 2021. A large number of faithful and Prelates took part in the consecration ceremony. The details of the newly ordained Prelates are given below:

Monk Father Agabius, Anba Bishoy, to be the Bishop for the monastery of Anba Bishoy, by the name of Anba Agabius.

Monk Father Theophilus Al-Mahrouqi, to be the Bishop of Abu Qurqas, and by the name Anba Philopater,

Monk Father, Serapion the Syriac Monastery, to be Bishop of East Minya, by the name  Anba Fam,

Monk Father Enoch(Akhnokh), Anba Bishoy to be the General Bishop of Africa by the name of Anba Joseph,

Monk Father Cedaros Al-Samwili to be the General Bishop of the Ezbet al-Nakhl area, Cairo by the name  Anba Cedaros,

Monk Father Zusima Al-Muharraqi to be the General Bishop of East Asia, by the name of Anba Royce,

Monk Father Marteros Ava Mina to be the General Bishop of Ain Shams and Al-Matareya, Cairo.

Additionaly, it was decided that Bishop Makarios will be the Prelate of the city of Minya Bishop Sawiris, and of the Monastery of Saint Thomas in Al-Khatatba,& Sohag, and the Monastery of St.Victor also in Al-Khatatba.

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