Photo: TASS

Photo: TASS – May 2017

The Serb National Council (SNC) which unites Serbs from throughout Montenegro has filed a petition to erect a monument to the last Russian emperor in the old royal capital city of Cetinje. The monument would serve as a symbol of gratitude for the Russian Tsars’ many centuries of assistance to Slavic people, reports TASS.

“We are turning to you with an initiative to erect a monument to Tsar Nicholas Romanov II of Russia,” the petition reads.

A letter was also sent to Mayor Aleksandr Bodanovic and Cetinje city hall president Jovan Martinovic listing the historic landmarks in Monenegrin-Russian relations, beginning from 1711 when Russian emissaries arrived in Montenegro on behalf of Tsar Peter I. Russia’s permanent material and political support beginning in the 18th century eventually led to the rise of an independent Montenegrin state.

Thanks to Russian aid, Cetinje Monastery became a spiritual and legislative center, the first general school and printing house were opened in the monastery in 1834, and the first Montenegrin calendar was printed in 1835, the petition reads. Furthermore, Russia played the decisive role in the international recognition of Montenegro’s status during the reign of Prince Daniel from 1852 to 1860.

“Putting up a monument to Tsar Nicholas II in Cetinje would mark Montenegro’s permanent attitude to Russia as the centuries-old benefactor. It would be an act symbolizing gratitude for all the good things Russia has done for us, and a sign that we have not forgotten our own history or identity,” the SNC wrote in its petition.

Montenegrin Serbs are known to have sincere respect and admiration for Russian culture and its history among Balkan Slavs.