Serbian Orthodox Dioscese of Raška and Prizren Rejects Kosovo PM Kurti’s Request to Visit the Decani Monastery 

Albin Kurti . Pic - Wiki

Albin Kurti. Pic – Wiki

OCP News Service – 29/6/21

Kosovo and Metohija: The Serbian Orthodox Dioscese of Raška and Prizren has rejected a request by the Kosovo PM Kurti to visit the Decani monastery. The diocese responded that the Kosovar Albanian institution is obliged to fully implement the decision of the Kosovo Constitutional Court from 2016 which recognized the monastery property. Moreover, this decision has been persistently ignored for five years despite requests for its implementation by the Monastery and the international representatives.

It was also stated that the authorities rejected the decision of the Implementation Monitoring Council from November 2020 on the construction of the bypass road around the Monastery protective zone.

OCP News Service