Seeking Scriptwriter for Orthodox Christian Movie in Africa


Fr Themi

Fr Themi Adams

OCP News Service

The Orthodox Christian Community is in  the process of  developing a story in English on the growth and development of Orthodoxy in West Africa. The story will have strong focus on the life of Fr Themi who lives in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It will be the story of his youth to his missionary works in Kenya (East Africa) and Sierra Leone (West Africa).

  • Looking for a professional and well experienced screenwriter to develop original screenplay. The person should be able to understand Orthodoxy and should skilfully juxtapose Orthodox faith with the life story of Father Themi Adams- From Rock star to Missionary.
  • Preference will be given to Orthodox Christians.
  • The Script Writer must be experienced, English speaking and should be able to prepare high quality scripts.
  • The script writer will be meeting with the producer to develop the script. The intention is to use the script to develop a movie.
  • The Script should lead to spiritually uplifting screenplay ACKNOWLEDGING GOD and promoting the mysteries and mysticism of the Orthodox faith.

For more information please contact
John Tsambazis

OCP News Service