Photo: EADaily

Photo: EADaily – 14/3/17

During a recent visit to the Kiev Caves Lavra, Ukraine’s holiest site, Ukrainian nationalist-schismatics defiled the holy Dormition Cathedral with their illicit prayers. The group brought their own “Kiev Patriarchate” priests on an “exhibition” to the ancient monastery, and began serving a Moleben in the canonical church, reports EADaily.

About 200 supposed volunteers went to visit the Kiev Caves historical and cultural reserve, during which they asked the host priest to pray for Ukraine and the soldiers protecting it. Two legitimate Orthodox priests of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate attempted to stop the schismatic service which lasted fifteen minutes. The nationalist “Patriots of Ukraine” site claims the Lavra belongs to all the people of Ukraine and that the activists “politely” asked the canonical priests not to disrupt their service.

“This is the beginning of the liberation of the Lavra from the Moscow Pharisees,” commented extremist leader Dmitry Korchinsky who made repeated attempts to storm the monastery in the early 1990s.

The nationalistic schismatics in Ukraine have repeatedly seized or attempted to seize holy sites that do not belong to them, showing no respect for Orthodox history in Ukraine and the legitimate Orthodox Church.