San Francisco Book Review gives Four Star Rating to ‘Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity’

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OCP News Service- Dept. of Publications – 30/5/15

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Global: Pan-Orthodox Christian book titled ‘Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity – Various Aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches’ by OCP Publications (Released in October 2015) have been rated with a grade of 4 stars (4/5) by San Francisco Book Review.

Lisa Covington reviewed the book with below comments:

“Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity contains essays that relate to the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. From the perspective of current events, this book is timely. Because of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, Christians living there are still being persecuted today. Through this book, one can gain the understanding of the different branches of Orthodoxy, whose members are Christians, and living in the Middle East.

There also seems to be an emphasis in this publication on the importance of praying for Orthodox Christians in the Middle East, which is good. From the perspective of one who teaches classes on world religions, this books reminds the reader that not all of the liturgical churches have their apostolic succession stemming from the apostle Peter. I gave this book four stars because of the quality content of the essays that were collected for this publication. In addition, it is great that there is a current book on the market that relates to the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. These churches are often forgotten in the minds of some when it comes to discussing Christianity. This book would be enjoyed by anyone who either enjoys Church history or who wants to learn more about contemporary issues in Christianity.”

About the Book

The book consist of thirty independent chapters by various authors. Majority of them have been written by George Alexander – Secretary of OCP Society. Rest of them have been contributed by different authors.

The book is penned fully in pan-orthodox nature comprising various aspects of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches. The inclusion of topics from both families of Orthodox Churches makes the work more unique. It is rarely that an international publication is made with details of Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.

Some of the topics include Letters from Syria, details of the persecuted Christians of Eritrea, Fr Themi and the Ebola Mission in Serria Leone, Orthodox Christin feasts, journeys to orthodoxy etc.

The publication can be purchased from Amazon and Kindle. Amazon price is 40.50 dollars whereas Kindle has priced it 3 dollars.

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