Russian President Vladimir Putin Arrives in Armenia to attend Genocide Centenary

Dr Rubin (OCP Delegate of Yerevan and All Armenia)
OCP News Service

Yerevan: President Vladimir Putin of Russia has arrived in Yerevan, the Capital City of Armenia to take part in the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Armenian Genocide. He was received by Serzh Sargsyan – the President of Armenia. A high level Russian delegations is there with the Russian President to take part in the celebrations.

“Russia attaches great importance to the anniversary of the tragic developments in the Ottoman Empire, understanding the significance of this date for friendly Armenia, the Armenian diaspora worldwide, including Armenian nations residing in Russia [about three million people],” Putin’s aide Yuri Ushakov said.

Putin will have separate bilateral talks with French President Hollande and Armenian President Sargsyan .

On 23 April 2015, the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church canonized the entire victims of the Genocide in a ceremony held at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin which was attended by Orthodox Patriarchs, ecumenical delegations from various churches and thousands of faithful.

OCP News Service