Russian Orthodox Church – Oriental Orthodox Relations – OCP Statement

OCP Secretariat- OCP News Service – 28/12/2019

Global: This statement is in response to the possible confusion that arose among many faithful with regards to the Russian Orthodox Church and her relations with the Oriental Orthodox family.

This statement is solely based on the information collected by the Secretariat of the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE.

The Russian Orthodox Church has not severed ecclesiastical ties with any of the Oriental Orthodox Churches to date. We do not have any such response from the Moscow Patriarchate. None of the Oriental Churches nor their Primates have released any official statements on the Ukrainian Orthodox crisis.

The Russian Church has severed her relations only with the Constantinople Patriarchate and with those Bishops (including Primates) and local dioceses of the Church of Greece and Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria who has recognized the newly created Orthodox Church in Ukraine (OCU).

The Oriental Orthodox communion (Coptic, Syriac, Armenian, Indian-Malankara, Ethiopian, and Eritrean) of Churches, maintains fraternal relations with the Russian Church.

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