Romans, Revelation, & Orthodox Education Day

SVOTS – 27/9/18

This year’s Orthodox Education Day (OED) is just two weekends away, on Saturday, October 6. As we get closer to this special OED in celebration of fifty years of SVS Press (and OED itself!), I wanted to draw your attention to the latest SVS Press offerings and some inspiring words from OED’s keynote speaker, John Maddex, CEO of Ancient Faith Ministries.

First, the new books: Romans: An Orthodox Commentary and Revelation: A Liturgical Prophecy, both written by the popular author and podcaster Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon. It has been a few years since I graduated from SVOTS, but I still feel a nerdy surge of excitement whenever I come across biblical commentaries by Orthodox authors. So, as you would imagine, I am just slightly excited about these new releases. Check them out at

Secondly, I absolutely loved these words from John Maddex about the ministry of Orthodox publishing:

Why do we do all of this? It takes a great deal of money, energy, and time to present these materials. Does it really matter? I can tell you first hand that it does. Both St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press and Ancient Faith Ministries can tell story after story of people all around the world who were touched by a book, a podcast, a video, or a blog. Just this summer, [Ancient Faith] received comments like these and many more:

“Y’all have been a blessing to both my wife and myself on our journey out of Mormonism and into the arms of Christ. I am very grateful.”

“I am a traditional Anglo-Catholic, part of a parish that is isolated in a very PC Episcopal Diocese. I am so grateful to Ancient Faith for providing me with the learning and nourishment that my own church is no longer able to provide.”

Similar stories are regularly received at SVS Press as well. So, what is our task as consumers of all of this great material? We can choose to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best. Or we can get behind the good work that is happening to spread the word both here at St. Vladimir’s and elsewhere. Take the opportunity today to encourage the faculty, the staff, and the administration of this venerable institution. This is where education happens. This is where evangelism takes place. This is why we do what we do. Thanks be to God.


We hope you can join Mr. Maddex and all of us for Orthodox Education Day on the campus of St. Vladimir’s Seminary on October 6.