Romanian Patriarchate’s Spokesperson Assures Easter Services will Take Place Normally this Year

Basilica News Agency – Aurelian Iftimiu – 5/4/21

The spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate, Vasile Bănescu, offered assurances that the Holy Easter services will take place normally this year.

“In connection with the misunderstanding about the time interval for lifting mobility restrictions (on foot or by personal means of transport) on the night of the Resurrection, a misunderstanding that some hastened to speculate again martyrically.”

“The service of the Resurrection begins and ends at different times in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. In the Orthodox Church, it takes place between midnight and at the latest 04:00.”

Vasile Bănescu said that “it is related to the elementary evidence that, in the official context already explained by the authorities and religious denominations that today had an honest and fertile dialogue, the participants in this service of the holiest night for Christians will be able to return to their homes without being hunted and fined in the streets, and the service itself will be officiated according to its natural order.”

“02:00 is one of the hour landmarks of the temporary lifting of Easter night restrictions for Catholic Christians, whose Resurrection service begins and ends earlier than the Orthodox one. The hourly benchmarks regarding the latter will be communicated in time to our peace of mind.”

“May God help us to find and deepen the peace between us on the path of this Lent meant for our taming, a way at the end of which we can enjoy the Resurrection together,” the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate also stated.

A dialogue between representatives of religious denominations in Romania and state

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene