Restoration of St. Paul’s church began in the village of Doli

Serbian Church

On Thursday, November 1 of this year, with a clearance of stone walls and a release of deposits formed during the past few centuries, the work on the restoration of St. Paul’s Church in the village of Doli commenced, on the hill above the monastery of Sts. Peter and Paul.

A group of residents of nearby villages led by their parish priest, presbyter Dragisa Tomic, with a first rough works began the restoration of this church near Paul’s cave, which suffered and totally abandoned in the time of the Turks, since when it has never been restored.

During the excavation and quarrying, on the same day a stone Holy Altar Table was found, which had lain for centuries under the rubble. A stone threshold was also found, and all the extracted stone, processed and hand-carved, was stacked in a pile near the church and prepared for re-building.

The next day, on November 2, on the ruins of this church, father Dragisa served for the first time the Holy Liturgy.