The graves of Armenian soldiers in Stepanakert. PIc-Wiki

The graves of Armenian soldiers in Stepanakert. PIc-Wiki

Dr. Paul Manook – 29/11/2020


A REQUEST FOR ACTION CONCERNING THE ARMENIAN PRISONERS OF WAR IN AZERBAIJAN… I know what it feels like…. And I feel for the families….

My brother Albert (Microbiologist lecturer at Basrah University) was a Prisoner of War in Iran for 22 years… (1981-2003). Albert passed away in June 2016.

My dear students, friends, relatives, political and religious leaders in all countries,

With deep sorrow, we ask you for help to rescue the lives of Armenian prisoners of war, suffering from the inhumane, brutal and atrocious slavery in Azerbaijan.

For the moment the Christian world is celebrating the Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas holidays, several hundred Armenian prisoners of war in Azerbaijan are subjected to cruel and merciless ordeal, moral and physical tortures (as shown in dozens of videos spread by the Azerbaijani side).

In the hope of receiving any news on the fate of their children, parents of prisoners spend days in front of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, Foreign Embassies and international organizations, while realizing each second is significant and may be the last.

Dear friends, let our Christmas and New Year prayers be for the quick rescue and return of our prisoners. Let us unite and raise the voice to ask world political and religious leaders, international humanitarian organizations for help to return our prisoners of war as soon as possible. Believe me, that would be the best act of mercy on Christmas.

As long as our sons are held captive, I will be physically and mentally calling for help all my friends, people in charge of media, political and religious leaders of the world.

Please take a moment to send a message to your government to request from Azerbaijan to stop humiliating Armenian prisoners and returning them back to their families.

Let us pray and raise awareness! Let us save the lives of prisoners of war!

I thank you for your precious time and support.

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