June 11, 2015 – Heads of Orthodox Churches’ representations to the European Union met in Brussels for a working meeting with the participation of the secretary-general of the European Federation of Catholic Families Associations, Anna Maria Hildingsson.

The aim of the meeting initiated by the Romanian Church Representation was to exchange opinions on the report ‘On the European Union’s Strategy for Equality of Women and Men Post 2015’ adopted by the European Parliament. The resolution on this report adopted on June 9, 2015, though not obligatory for implementation, constitutes a serious attempt to exert political pressure on European countries with the aim to destroy the traditional notions of marriage and family and to legalize surrogate motherhood and abortion.

The meeting was attended by Archimandrite Emilian (Bogiannu), representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Archpriest Dimitry Sizonenko, acting representative of the Russian Orthodox Church to international organizations in Brussels, Archpriest Sorin Selaru, representative of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Bishop Porphyrios of Naples, Orthodox Church of Cyprus, Metropolitan Athanasios of Ahaia, Greek Orthodox Church, and secretaries of the representations.

In her remarks, Maria Hildingsson noted that the European Parliament new membership is very much influenced by inter-deputy groups and lobbying structures who artificially impose a polemic on the rights of sexual minorities. In this situation, the need arises to mobilize healthy forces in the European public in order to seal in European legislative acts the commonly accepted understanding of marriage as union of one man and one woman and the family as community of the spouses (father and mother) and their children. She also shared her vision of the further development of the situation, noting in conclusion that the above-mentioned lobbying structures seek to use the European Union as a lever for exerting pressure on Central and Eastern Europe whose people seek to preserve the age-old traditions and spiritual values.

During the discussion, the Moscow Patriarchate representative noted that the demand to equalize same-sex unions and marriage and to give such couples the right to adopt children is a political action aiming not to defend the dignity but to profane the image of God in man. He also stressed the important role played by the pubic and laity in carrying out projects for protecting human life and dignity. The participants welcomed the initiative of the Russian Orthodox Church to exclude induced abortion operations from the compulsory medical insurance system.

The meeting also discussed various aspects of church work to support social stability and preserve the identity of Europe as a civilization.

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