28Jun – 12/8/19

All it takes is one person to make a difference, and the work we do provides daily affirmation of that philosophy. 28. Jun is comprised of like-minded volunteers who deeply care about uplifting others in times of need, no matter the challenges.

From combating corruption to fighting through borders to deliver aid to the vulnerable, we have championed the rights of minorities and shared their plight on the world stage via our speeches at the United Nations.What started as a youth-run campaign to counter the inaction which has plagued our people has organically grown into a world-class humanitarian organization.

We’ve established a permanent physical presence in the region, pioneered digital networks promoting goodwill and touched the lives of millions through our charitable projects, all while remaining true to our core morals and values. I am immensely proud that we continue to be a sanctuary to families let down by multiple institutions.Each and every person that has contributed to the growth of our movement has our eternal gratitude.

Snezana Dimitrijevic
Executive Director