Remembrance of the Heroes of December 1989 at the Patriarchal Cathedral

These days the priests and deacons celebrate remembrance services at the cemeteries, monuments and road side shrines from all over the country dedicated to the heroes of December 1989 who sacrificed their lives for the freedom, faith and dignity of the Romanian people.

On 22 December 2012, the heroes of December 1989 were remembered at the Patriarchal Cathedral. The remembrance service was celebrated by His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, assisted by a group of priests and deacons.

To end with the religious service, His Beatitude delivered a sermon entitled “Sacrifice for freedom and dignity” in which he brought homage to heroes of December 1989: “Just like the martyrs of faith, the young heroes who sacrificed themselves for our freedom are victorious even if their bodies are dead, because they defeated the lack of faith, the spirit of violence and wickedness, becoming lovers of justice and truth, defenders of the human dignity humiliated or disfigured by the communist oppressive regime.

The crowd of the Romanian martyr heroes always urge us not to forget how big the power of sacrifice is and how badly needed is the healing of humankind, wounded by hate and violence, by greed and injustice, selfishness and indifference, by the many forms of physical and spiritual death” said His Beatitude.

The Romanian heroes are remembered, in our Church, at all the Divine Liturgies, in every place of worship, in parishes and monasteries.