Relics of St. Habib Girgis arrives in Australia








OCP News Service – 7/8/14
The Coptic Orthodox Church

Melbourne: The holy relics of  Archdeacon St. Habib Girgis of the Coptic Orthodox Church has arrived in Australia. The Primate of the Melbourne Diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Bishop Anba Suriel received the relics at the port. Special vespers will be held at St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Parish in Donvale, with the procession of the relics.

The relics will be anointed with spices and a commemorative medallion and will be put for public display. Bishop Anba Suriel has stated that, the arrival of the relics of  the archdeacon Habib will be remembered as a historic event  in the history of the the Coptic Melbourne Diocese of Australia. 

St. Habib Girgis  was a modern day deacon of the Coptic Orthodox Church who was made outstanding contributions in preserving the Orthodox faith. He is considered to be one of the great human pillar who made remarkable  changes in the history of the modern day Coptic Church.  St Habib was a great companion of  Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria. He was canonized on 20th June 2013, as a saint by Coptic Orthodox Church. 

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