Refutation to the Absurd Accusations of Mr. Nikolla Marku


The Albanian Orthodox Church – 12/9/17

On August 26, 2017 several media portals broadcasted an “exclusive” interview with the self-proclaimed priest of the church of St. Mary in the Kala District in Elbasan, Mr. Nikolla Marku, who still holds the church usurped since the day of its seizure by force.

In this interview, he once again seeks to attract the attention of public opinion by heroizing himself presenting another ghostly, devilish and ridiculous scenario: the alleged attempt by the ‘Greek Church’ as he says, to poison him.

Such scattered statements certainly cannot impress anyone who already knows very well which has been and still is the goal of the puppet Nikolla Marku: the perversion of the magnificent and historic work of the revival and revitalization of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania during these 25 years.

Also, those who stand behind Nikolla Marku, delivering such statements and actions have consistently sought to promote divisions within the Orthodox community and among the religious communities in the country, as well as hatred towards the other people abroad and the neighboring countries.

However, this failed attempt has come to an end, given the fact that nowadays there is an Albanian Metropolitan serving as head of the Metropolis of Elbasan, Shpati and Librazhd, as it is also the case with the other Metropolises as well, not to mention the 157 Albanian national clerics who serve nowadays in the churches throughout the country – but apparently Mr. Marku and those behind him, do not want to see or appreciate the above facts.

The Metropolis of Elbasan, Shpati and Librazhd