Procession of the Relics of Saint Martyr Voivode Constantine Brancoveanu

Church of Romania – May 2014

On 21 May 2014, the Patriarchal Cathedral celebrated its historical dedication day to Saints Emperors Constantine and his mother Helen. The procession of the relics of Saint Voivode Martyr Constantine Brancoveanu was included in the religious manifestations of the manifestation.

The event began at 15.00 hours, starting from the Patriarchal Cathedral till the church of “Saint Gheorghe the New” of Bucharest, one of the most representative Brancovean foundation (consecrated in 1707), where this saint martyr of the Romanian people was buried in 1720.

Hierarchs, priests, monks, nuns and faithful participated in the procession, over 10,000 people having been present, taking the following route: Patriarchal Cathedral, Dealul Mitropoliei alley, with stop at the Brancovean cross, Bibescu Voda St., Unirii Bd., Sfintii Apostoli St., with stop at the church of the “Domnita Balasa Brancovean Settlement”, Palatul Justitiei St., Danielopol Gheorghe St., Operetei St., Natiunile Unite Bd., Calea Victoriei St., Regina Elisabeta Bd., with stop at the University of Bucharest (close to which “Saint Sava” Monastery and the “Princely Academy” used to be, rebuilt in 1709 by Saint Constantine Brancoveanu and materially supported by the family of the martyr prince). Here, Univ Prof Dr Mircea Dumitru, Rector of the University of Bucharest delivered a speech.

Then, the procession continued in Ion C. Bratianu Bd., and ended at “Saint Gheorghe the New” church where the place of worship was surrounded. Then, the shrine of the relics of Saint Martyr Prince Constantine Brancoveanu was laid for veneration under the canopy specially arranged at this Brancovean foundation.

To end with, the blessing speech of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel followed.

Then, the vigil service of the Brancovean Martyr Saints was celebrated at the church of “Saint Gheorghe the New”.

The route is similar to the one held 80 years ago, on 21 May 1934 – from the Patriarchal Cathedral till the church of “Saint Gherghe the New” of Bucharest – when the remains of the Martyr prince Constantine Brancovanu were reburied.