President Putin becomes the First Head of State to Visit Old Believers’ Spiritual Center in Moscow

Reported by – 4/6/17

On Wednesday, May 31, President Vladimir Putin became the first head of state to visit the Old Believers, when he arrived at the “Strength of Spirit and Fidelity to Tradition” exhibition at the Old Believers’ Rogozhskaya Spiritual Center in Moscow, reports RIA-Novosti.

Met. Hilarion of DECR noted that the president’s visit was connected with Met. Cornelius’ 70th birthday, and the upcoming celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Old Believer spiritual leader Avvakum.

The Old Believer hierarch showed the president their ancient, pre-Nikonian icons, the oldest of which dates back to the fourteenth century, and a reliquary with the relics of many saints. After that, the president and the bishop enjoyed the singing of an Old Ritualist choir. Walking about the territory of the spiritual center, Met. Cornelius told President Putin about the history of the temples on the grounds and their architectural appearance.