President Morsi of Egypt meets Patriarch Paulos


The visiting Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi had met and discuss today with His Holiness Abune Paulos, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, ENA reports. During their meeting Patriarch Paulos urged both the governments of Ethiopia and Egypt to work jointly in all sectors to fulfill the interests of the peoples of the two countries; a sentiment shared by the visiting Egyptian President.

Mohammed Morsi is the first Egyptian head of state to visit Ethiopia in almost 17 years since the failed assasination attempt on Hosni Mubark in 1995.

Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church officials were expressed similar sentiment by saying that the church will not be reluctant to serve the country, especially in resolving the Nile water issue and the church welcomes any national initiative to resolve the water crisis.

The Ethiopian Orthodox and Egypt Coptic Orthodox Churches have very a close relationships lasting for almost 1600 years.