Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God given to Crimea by Siberian Cossacks

March/April 2014

On March 26, at the St. Vladimir Cathedral in Cherson, the Siberian Cossacks donated the Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God to the Crimean Cossacks.

The Icon of the Holy Theotokos was brought to the upper church, where a prayer service was celebrated before it, reports the Sevastopol Deanery’s website.

The service was performed by cleric of the cathedral Archpriest Stephen Slomchinsky. After the supplicatory service ataman (Cossack chieftain) of the Kurgan Cossack Association (The Siberian Cossack Battalion) Valery Popov presented the ataman of the Sevastopol representation of the Association of the Tersk Cossack Army Sergei Golikov with the icon.