Pope Tawadros receives Fr Dr K M George: Discuss Orthodox Unity

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OCP News Service
June 2014
(Coptic – Indian Orthodox Churches
The Oriental Orthodox Communion)

# Greetings on behalf of Catholicos of the East conveyed to Pope of Alexandria
# Invites Pope Tawadros to India
# Discussed the possibility of reviving Eastern Orthodox – Oriental Orthodox Theological dialogue
# Talks on the possibility for reconciliation between Syriac Orthodox Church and the Indian Malankara Orthodox Churches

Cairo: His Holiness Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria & all Africa and Patriarch of the See of St Mark the Evangelist, received in audience Fr Dr K M George, Principal Emeritus of the Orthodox Theological Seminary of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church on 22 May, 2014. Fr George, presently serving as special Advisor to HH the Catholicos of India on Ecumenical Affairs and as the Director of the Sopana Academy for Studies in Theology and Culture, conveyed to the Pope greetings from Catholicos Baselios Marthoma Paulose II who participated in the service of enthronement of Pope Tawadros in Cairo.

Fr George discussed with the Pope the possibilities of reviving the Oriental Orthodox- Eastern Orthodox official theological dialogue in which the Coptic Church and the Malankara Orthodox Church were deeply involved. He recalled the remarkable work of Theologians from India like Fr V. C Samuel and Metropolitan Paulos Gregorios from the Malankara Church who worked with eminent theologians like Metropolitan Bishoy from the Coptic Church under the spiritual leadership of HH Pope Shenouda to promote the dialogue. Fr George conveyed the very cordial invitation of HH the Catholicos Paulose II to HH Tawadros to visit India and the ancient Indian Church of St Thomas. The Pope said he would be happy to do this on an appropriate occasion. The Pope recalled the monastic exchanges in which monks from the Malankara Church lived in the Amba Bishoy monastery and also the recent visit of a youth delegation from India.

As to the relationship with the Patriarchate of Antioch, Fr George explained that the Malankara church has never changed its legitimate canonical and spiritual- liturgical attitude to the Patriarchate in spite of the unfortunate internal disputes regarding jurisdiction etc. There is still possibility for reconciliation, he said, and the Malankara Church with its Apostolic patrimony wants very much to restore peace and unity. There is much hope and trust in India that the new Patriarch would initiate a peace process. The Malankara church will positively respond to any such move, he said.

Fr George presented to the Pope the important posthumous book of Metropolitan Paulos Mar Gregorios, Philosophy East and West in which he writes in detail about Egyptian- Indian connections.

OCP News Service