Pope Tawadros II Discuss Egypt-Ethiopia Relations


OCP News Service – 27/09/15
Report by Mentu Desta Asrat

“We are historical communities who drink one river together” Pope Tawadros II

Addis Ababa: His Holiness Pope Tawodros II of Alexandria met with  , Ambassador Bihane (Deputy of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus- FDRE Foreign minister)as well as with the Ethiopian public diplomacy group and discussed about the on going construction of Ethiopian grand dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam ) on Nile river.

Pope along with Patriarch Abune Mathias discussed about the dam and historic connections between the two nations. He commented that Ethiopia and Egypt are ancient communities  who drink from the Nile river.

According to Ethiopian news agency the Coptic delegates were rejoiced by Ethiopian  hospitality.


OCP News Service