Pope Tawadros II, Anba Bishoy & Fr Dr K M George discuss reconciliation efforts between Syriac and Indian Orthodox Malankara Churches

John Anton (Special Delegate of Cairo)
OCP News Service – October 2014

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Cairo: Pope Tawadros II received Fr Dr K M George (Special envoy of Baselios Paulose II- Catholicos of the East on the Apostolic Throne of St Thomas & Metropolitan of Malankara – Primate of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church) during the fourth week of October 2014. Fr K M George was on visit in Cairo as one of the delegates of the Indian Orthodox Malanakra Church for the Anglican – Oriental Orthodox dialogue. Metropolitan Geevarghese Coorliose of the Mumbai Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church also met with Coptic and Other Oriental Orthodox Prelates.

Pope Tawadraos II, Fr K M George and Anba Bishoy discussed on the recent developments with regard to the reconciliation efforts between the Syriac and Indian Orthodox Churches. Fr K M George conveyed fraternal greetings from Catholicos Baselios Paulose II to the Coptic Hierarchy. Fr George stated that the Indian Orthodox Church is always ready for a peaceful and lasting settlement.

This was the second meeting between the Pope Tawadros and Fr George.The first meeting was held in the month of May 2014. Pope expressed his interest to negotiate peace and unity between the two ancient churches. The Coptic Primate also appreciated both churches for their constructive responses to each other. Pope Tawadros have asked Anba Bishoy for further follow ups. Pope expressed his interest to negotiate peace and unity between the two ancient churches and asked Anba Bishoy to make further follow ups.


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