Patriarch’ s of Antioch and Romania holds historic visit to the Church of “Saint Spiridon – Old”

December 2014

After the audience at Cotroceni Palace, the Patriarch of Antioch and the Patriarch of Romania visited the church of “Saint Spiridon – Old” of Bucharest. The historical place of worship was demolished during the period of the communist regime, rebuilt after 1990, and consecrated by the late Patriarchs Ignatios IV of Antioch and Teoctist of Romania, on 26 October 1996.

“We express our thanks to His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel who occasioned this visit to this holy church. We listened with sorrow to the presentation the parish priest made, especially the fact that it was demolished, rebuilt and consecrated by His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatios IV.

We see that the Romanian Orthodox Church is a living church, a people who loves its tradition and Church. The relationship between the Church of Antioch and the Romanian Orthodox Church is a very old one”, His Beatitude John, Patriarch of Antioch and of All Orient said.

The parish offered an icon of Saint Hierarch Spiridon to the Primate of Antioch, and Patriarch John offered presents, in his turn.

On this occasion, the two Patriarchs visited the social medical centre of the parish.