Patriarch Preached about Importance of Culture of Listening

The Georgian Orthodox Church

The Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second spoke about the importance of culture of listening on the church service today.

He said that people who think that what they speak is the only truth is a big mistake and such people will always be defeated. “Everyone should listen to others, small or big, and do as they consider it necessary afterwards. Everyone should have the culture of listening,” Patriarch said.

Ilia the Second wished all the residents of Georgia and Georgians living abroad to have the culture of listening. The Patriarch said that everyone should think whether they can listen to others’ opinion. “Some people think it’s a shame, but the shame is when people don’t listen to others and always try to speak,” Ilia the Second said. The Patriarch blessed all the youth, school leavers, those who are preparing to pass the exams, young people who are settling down, as well as children and young people living abroad.