Patriarch Daniel Congratulates Basilica Media Centre For Transmitting Holy Trinity’s Love To The World

Basilica News Agency – 19/6/19

The Patriarch of Romania on Whit Monday pointed out the important missionary activity of the Basilica Media Centre during a meeting with the Patriarchate’s journalists held at the Patriarchal Palace.

‘We congratulate you for this holy, missionary work to transmit the love of the Most Holy Trinity to the world and to illumine people to find the purpose of their lives,’ His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel said June 17.

During the meeting at Europa Christiana Hall, Patriarch Daniel noted that ‘it was a blessed choice’ to name the radio and TV stations after the Holy Trinity – Trinitas.

‘We always have in the Holy Trinity the source and the model of perfect love,’ the patriarch noted.

‘Man fulfils his purpose when living in the image of the Holy Trinity, because he was created in the image of the Holy Trinity and was called to the likeness of the Holy Trinity.’

In his speech, the patriarch said that everyone will receive the same amount of blessedness in the eternal life according to how much humble and merciful love they gathered in their soul on earth.

‘We believe that all those who have worked for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity, spreading light through the departments of the Basilica Media Centre will be very close to the Holy Trinity, to the confessing and missionary Saints, to the Holy Apostles and the Saints who excelled in spreading the word of God,’ Patriarch Daniel ending his speech.

The Basilica Media Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate was established on October 27, 2007, at the initiative and with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.

The media centre includes 5 departments: Radio Trinitas, Trinitas TV, Lumina Publications, Basilica News Agency, and the Patriarchate’s Press and PR Office.