Patriarch Abune Mathias Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts in Ethiopia

(Correspondent in Addis Ababa &
the Chief Administrator of OCP Amharic Service) – OCP News Service – 12/8/16

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Addis Ababa: His Holiness Abune Mathias Patriarch of Ethiopia, Ichege of the See of St. Tekle Haymanot and Archbishop Of Axum urged protesters and government to work for peace resolve the ongoing crisis in the country. The Prelate was commenting on the contemporary situation in Ethiopia. The Patriarch said that one of the most important objectives of the Ethiopian Church is peace and it will continue to work for harmony and prosperity. Shooting each other and destroying public properties is not a solution.

Opposing parties should resolve their disagreements through constructive dialogue, discussions as well as with tolerance, trust, brotherhood, love, and peace.

OCP News Service