Patriarch Abuna Mathias thanks Patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church

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Menetasnot Desta – Delegate of Horn of Africa & Head of Ethiopian Affairs – OCP News Service  – 11/4/21

Addis-Ababa-Ethiopia: His Holiness Patriarch Abuna Mathias of Ethiopia thanked His Holiness Patriarch Kirill and the Russian Orthodox church for the prayers and support extended to the Ethiopian Church and her faithful during the time of intense persecution. The ongoing attacks are mainly targeted against the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, her faithful and socio-spiritual institutions.

Patriarch Kirill Assure Support for Persecuted Christians in Ethiopia in His Letter to Patriarch Abune Mathias

The Patriarch in his letter expressed his hope for lasting peace and stability.

In March 2021, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia sent a letter of сondolences to Patriarch Abune Mathias of Ethiopia over the killing of Orthodox Christians in East Wellega Zone, in Oromia Region.

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