Pascha is celebrated in China


On Paschal night, the Revd. Dimitry Fedorin, dean of the first church district of Vladivostok and a cleric of the Cathedral of the Intercession took part in the procession with the cross held by the Chinese Orthodox community in Harbin, People’s Republic of China.

He greeted the faithful children of the Chinese Orthodox Church with the Feast of feasts and Triumph of triumphs and assured the worshippers in the prayers of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, who celebrated Divine liturgy in the church during his visit to China in 2013.

On April 20, Father Dimitry celebrated the Divine liturgy. The service was announced on April 16, but at least one hundred and thirty Orthodox compatriots came to share Paschal joy. Over sixty of them took Holy Communion.

On April 21, Father Dimitry and members of the Russian Orthodox community visited three hospitals in Harbin. He brought Paschal greetings to children from Russia and the CIS countries convalescing there and their parents.

In Shanghai, Pascha was celebrated by the Very Revd. Alexiy Kiselevich, rector of the Orthodox community, at the Church of St. Nicholas. Praying at the service were over three hundred and fifty members of the international Orthodox community that consists of the Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks, Frenchmen, and Americans. At least one hundred and sixty worshippers took Holy Communion.

The Revd. Sergiy Voronin celebrated Paschal services at the Church of the Dormition located on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Beijing. Some three hundred parishioners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, the USA, France, Germany, Ethiopia, Greece and other countries prayed at the Divine liturgies celebrated at night and in the morning. Taking Holy Communion were over one hundred worshippers.

The Very Revd. Dimitry Pozdnyaev officiated at the Paschal divine services celebrated for an international community of the Church of Ss Peter and Paul in Hong Kong.