Panichida to Patriarchs Dimitrije and Pavle in Rakovica

On Saturday, 15 November 2014, on the fifth anniversary of the blessed repose of Serbian Patriarch Pavle, in presence of a congregation of the faithful, who had come to welcome the primates of the Russian and Serbian Churches, the Holy Liturgy was celebrated in the monastery of Rakovica n. Belgrade.

It was so touching to see faithful from his birthplace Kuchanci, as well as from other places from East and Middle Slavonia, and, of course from other regions. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, in  presence of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej and many bishops, priests, monks, nuns and pious people, celebrated the memorial service to Serbian Patriarchs Dimitrije and Pavle, beginning at 10:30 a.m.
On this occasion Serbian Patriarch Irinej expressed sincere gratitude to Patriarch Kirill for the prayers he offered on behalf of all the gathered and for the blessing he had brought to the Serbian people, especially on this day.

Patriarch Kirill addressed Serbian Patriarch Irinej and the congregation emphasizing also on this occasion a great personality of Patriarch Pavle whom he had known for many years. The Moscow Patriarch wished the Serbian people once again a peace, well-being and tranquility:

Your Holiness, Your Graces, I am thankful that we are here together to serve the memorial service for Patriarchs Dimitrije and Pavle of blessed repose. Patriarch Dimitrije was the first hierarch in the time when the Serbian Patriarchate was restored, and it was him who gave a blessing to the Russian Orthodox people who had come to Serbia after the Revolution and the civil war in Russia, who, thanks to his blessing, could participate in divine services, Russian priests could serve in Serbian churches; that Patriarch is regarded as father to the Russian emigration in Serbia, and consequently, we foster a good memory of him.

Patriarch Kirill pointed out that Patriarch Pavle with his tranquility and meekness was in a way an icon of Christ, adding that he had been able to “benevolently and fearlessly face all the difficulties of life” and indicated that a personal example of Patriarch Pavle of blessed repose was what we should strive for in Christian life.

Patriarch Kirill His concluded his address with prayerful words: “Let the Lord God grant eternal repose to the souls of Patriarchs Dimitrije and Pavle and give them heavenly abode!”