Pan-Orthodox Peer Learning for Clergy and Lay Leaders

Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative – 21/11/2020


When you serve the Church, are you joyful and invigorated?  Or do you feel your service is a thankless, lonely, or overwhelming burden?  As the body of Christ, we are called to encourage one another. To do this, we need connections!

You are invited to participate in a new Peer Learning opportunity sponsored by the Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative. With Peer Learning, you will connect with other parish leaders like you to problem-solve, share best practices, gather insight, and celebrate successes.

The Pan-Orthodox Peer Learning program is for:

  • Clergy
  • Parish Council Presidents
  • Church Treasurers
  • Council Members and Ministry Leaders
  • New or Emerging Leaders

Peer Learning is a great way to develop parish leaders. Pre-register today so that we can group peer learning cohorts by church leadership roles, topic interests, and meeting availability.

Sample Topics Include:

      • Resilience – responding to change
      • Casting vision
      • Engaging people in service
      • Setting boundaries
      • Avoiding burn-out
      • Conflict resolution
      • Active listening
      • Cultivating trust
      • Building consensus
      • Good governance processes
      • Onboarding new leaders
      • Succession planning
      • Running efficient meetings
      • Aligning budget to mission
      • How to talk about money
      • Financial transparency
      • Financial audits
      • Communication strategies

Each small cohort will meet monthly, January through June, under the guidance of a trained facilitator. Before each meeting, you will receive a short article, podcast, or video link related to the chosen topic as a way to kick-off the monthly conversation. After enriching discussion, each member will be encouraged to implement one takeaway concept or practice.  The cohort structure will keep us together, committed, and accountable as we strive to be faithful stewards in our leadership responsibilities. You will receive an invitation in a few weeks to finalize your registration for one of the peer learning cohorts based on your feedback through pre-registration.