Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society Activity Report – 2013


Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society Activity Report 2013
“Seeking United Orthodox Christian Witness”


Dear Beloved Faithful, Readers, Well-wishers and Supporters

OCP family is happy to present our activity report for the year 2013.

1. OCP General Body & Executive Council

The third General Body held in 2013 unanimously elected the existing members to the office of the Executive Council for the next three years. The Executive Council, continue to monitor activities. Additions of new members to the OCP Delegate Council were approved.

2. Dept. of Public Relations

OCP Media Network

The year 2013 witness steady growth in readership and outreach of OCP Media Network, where is attained monthly regular readership of two million worldwide. It has reinstated itself as the world’s largest Orthodox Christian News Portal. Exclusive coverage of several events from different parts of the world was broadcasted. The website also underwent considerable changes. OCP also launched its own Wikipedia page, Blackberry application along with continued presence in Facebook, twitter and other social Media networks.

3. Dept. of Charity and Social Welfare

The Charity initiatives of OCP continue to grow, under the leadership of Subin Varghese (Vice-Chairman and Director- Dept of Charity and Social Welfare. Financial and social assistance are provided to the needy and downtrodden communities of the society in the form of financial support to medical and educational needs.

4. Dept. of Church Research and Studies

The department produced several fruitful articles and written materials and all were published online or print media.

Field Work

Ajesh Phillip (OCP Delegate) discovered the lost Orthodox Christian community of St Gregorious of Parumala as well as the Independent Catholic Communities in South India, which were once a part of the Indian Orthodox Church. These events lead to the launch of project MARP.

Institutes and Projects
OCP was proud enough to launch MARP – Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project) an exclusive research project on the life and works of legendary Archbishop Alvares and the Independent Catholic Movement and its reunion to Indian orthodox Church. MARP was inaugurated b Fr Dr K M George in the presence Dr Kurien Thomas and other dignitaries. OCEI (Orthodox Christin Educational Institution) project was also launched which features the largest list of Orthodox Christian Educational Institutions. The list is updated at regular intervals of time.

5. Dept. Of External Church Relations

The Department of External Church Relation continues to hold several visits and meetings. OCP Secretary George traveled to Ethiopia and met with Patriarch Abune Mathias of All Ethiopia and several other dignitaries including the Greek Metropolitan Petros of Axum and All Ethiopia. A proposal was submitted to the Patriarchate to organize a second Addis Ababa Conference in 2015. OCP also received a historical Greek publication from Archbishop Petros. Fr Dr Jossi Jacob received the same on behalf of our Society.  OCP delegates also met with several Orthodox Metropolitans and dignitaries and held fruitful discussions. Ajesh Phillip along with Metropolitan Diascorous of Chennai diocese of the Indian Church visited the Independent Catholic and St Gregorious Community in South India.

6.Dept. Technical Support

The Department continues to update OCP website with all modern technological changes. The entire OCP website has been changed to Cloud Publishing System; the interface of the website has been made more users friendly. OCP has its own server space. The Dept. of Technical Support provides detailed results on readership and outreach.

We whole heartily thank the Almighty God for His continued blessings and all of you for the care support and prayers. We request the same in our future prospectus. The OCP Society will try our level best to improve our services every year.

From the Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Secretariat

George Alexander
(Secretary – OCP Society & Director- Dept. of External Church Relations)

Subin Varghese
Vice-Chairman – OCP Society & Director- Dept. Charity and Social Welfare)

Kisha D Dorado
(Director- Dept. of Church Research and Studies)

Boaz John
(Director and Project Manager- Dept. of Technical Support)

Abraham P Koshy
(Treasurer – OCP Society and Director- Dept. of Finance)

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