One Million Holy Orthodox Martyrs of Jasenovac : Vatican-Croat genocide in Yugoslavia 1941-1945

Orthodox Church – December 2016

In April 1941 Hitler occupied the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and established NAZI(Ustashe) puppet Croatia. Immediately Croat NAZI regime and the Roman-Catholic Church have organized dozens of death camps, the biggest one was Jasenovac death camp in which over 700 000 Orthodox Christians were murdered, Jasenovac death camp was directed by Roman-Catholic Gray Friars, Croatians organized 9 camps designed for the eradication of Orthodox Christian Children population.

300 000 more Orthodox Christians were murdered outside of Jasenovac death camp in various smaller camps, ambushes, and their local villages and cities.

All who refused to convert to Roman-Catholicism were slaughtered in most brutal ways. Ustashe Croat Leader Ante Pavelic was many times received in official audience by the Pope of Rome and blessed during the war. When the war ended, Ante Pavelic fled from the Allies Forces with the help of Vatican to Argentina and later Franco’s Fascist Spain.