One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Bulgarian Church People’s Assembly in Constantinople 

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OCP News Service – 24/02/21

Sofia-Bulgaria: The 23rd of February 2021 marked the 150th anniversary of the convening of the First Church-People’s Council in 1871 in Constantinople.

The First Church-People’s Assembly, convened in Constantinople in 1871, was a memorable event in the socio-political life of the Revival of Bulgaria. The two major objectives of the gathering were (1) the development and adoption of a “Statute for the management of the Bulgarian Exarchate” and (2) the election of an exarch. The first objective of the historic gathering was an act of exceptional value in the new Bulgarian history.

For the first time in nearly five centuries of illegal existence, a nationwide Bulgarian institution, the Bulgarian Exarchate, was established and officially recognized by the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Thus, the Bulgarians were called to build the structure and management for their spiritual life which they managed to gain after several decades of hard struggle.

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