Official commentary. Metropolitan Volodymyr was discharged from hospital

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

On May 10, Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kyiv and All Ukraine was discharged from “Oberih” hospital, where he was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation measures. The condition of His Beatitude Volodymyr is stable and allows him to return to work, to participate in church activities, meetings and social life.

Metropolitan Volodymyr was put to hospital on October 30, 2011 for the reason of complications that had arisen on the background of the underlying disease – Parkinson’s disease, in serious condition, requiring prolonged treatment.

In the process of treatment the leading experts of Ukraine and their foreign counterparts were involved. During treatment, we used unique medical technologies existing in modern medicine, as well as the complex of rehabilitation measures that allow a person to return to normal life after a serious, long-term illness. Some medical procedures were held for the first time in Ukraine by the experts of Hospital “Oberih” supported by their foreign colleagues.

The team of specialists, who treated Metropolitan Volodymyr during that period continually felt the inexhaustible power of faith and prayer of the millions of believers who sympathized in those difficult times for His Beatitude.

Some time after leaving hospital Metropolitan Volodymyr will be under the supervision of physicians and will periodically pass the subsequent stages of physical rehabilitation on the premises of the rehabilitation center.

Archbishop Alexander of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Vishneve, Secretary for the Primate of the UOC
V.Rybchuk, Director General of “Oberih” hospital