OCP Secretary welcomes statement by Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan

OCP News Service

India/Kerala: Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Secretary and Spokesperson George Alexander have welcomed statements made by Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, the Primate of the Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar at their Prathinidhi Mandalam which began on 30th August 2012. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan in his speech has congratulated the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church on the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of Catholicate in India. The Marthoma Metropolitan stated that the centenary celebrations of the establishment of Catholicate in India are considered to be a historic event in the history of Kerala Christianity. The Metropolitan added that the establishment of the Catholicate of the East reflects the national commitment of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church, her autocephalous nature and proper insights on the mission of the Church.

During one of the executive council sessions of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society, Mr. George Alexander welcomed the statement made by Dr. Joseph Marthoam Metropolitan and also wished that the Marthoma Church will take their opportunity to rethink and establish an ecumenical dialogue to return back to the mother Indian Malankara Orthodox Church.

The Marthoma Church of Malabar separated from the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church in 1889 under the Anglican influence and believes in Protestant-influenced doctrines. It has a similar outlook and practices like the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church but is in full communion relationship with the Anglican Communion. The headquarters of the Church is located at Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala in India.

OCP News Service