OCP Secretary Presents Historical Photos to the Old Cathedral Community of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in Colombo






Dr. Ajesh T Phillip (OCP Delegate of the Indian Sub-Continent)
September 2015 – OCP News Service
Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project

Special Courtesy – Arfan Ahmed Akhtar – Local Aide to the Secretary in Colombo. 

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Colombo/Sri Lanka: The Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE (Pan-Orthodox Society) George Alexander, visited the old Cathedral of Our Lady of Good Death of Metropolitan Alvares Julius in Colombo, the capital City of Sri Lanka. He gifted a minor collection of historical photos of Metropolitan Alvares Julius to the community of the Sisters of the Divine Saviour (Salvatorians) who are currently in charge of the Church. The available old photos were made into a collage and were handed over to Sister Selvarani (Mother Superior) and Sister Perpetua Desilva. The gift will be displayed inside the Cathedral building.

The Cathedral was once the headquarters of the Independent Catholic Mission of Ceylon and Metropolitan Alvares Julius was the head of the Church. The Church flourished for a few years under the leadership of the Metropolitan. He was the Primate of the Latin Rite Community of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church (Church of Malabar).

As per the latest information, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Good death is completely under the Roman Catholic Church in Sri Lanka.

Earlier Secretary George also met with the Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Community and also visited several Anglican institutions, apart from collecting information and documents for Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project supported by the Dept. of Church Research and Studies of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE.

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