OCP Secretary – “Kosovo and Metohija belongs to Serbia”

OCP Secretary with Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

OCP Secretary with Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

OCP News Service – 23/4/18

Belgrade– Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, George Alexander commented that Kosovo and Metohija truly belong to Serbia. Comments were made during a brief meeting with the Executive Council of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE. He was on a ten-day visit to Serbia, where he met Patriarch Irinej- head of Serbian Church. Secretary also visited several important institutions, interacted with faithful and scholars and attended a talk on the current situation of Kosovo and Metohija at Slansi Monastery of St. Stephen.

OCP Secretary George Alexander Received by Patriarch Irinej of Serbia

George commented that Serbian people are victims of external propaganda. Serbs suffered a lot on and they are living Martyrs of Orthodoxy. Kosovo and Metohija belong to Serbia with no doubt. Sadly some politicians want to separate Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia, which is suicidal in all aspects. Metohija means ‘Monastic Estate’ or ‘Church Land’ owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church. The term Metohija is purposefully deleted from media, limiting its usage and true meaning. External intruders have no claim on the Serbian property, he added.

OCP News Service