OCP Secretary George Alexander urges Concilliar Unity of Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Churches and creating Pan-Orthodox Media Center at I.A.O. Conference


Kisha D Dorado – OCP Delegate of Serbia, Balkan and East European Region
OCP News Service – 14/5/14

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Thessaloniki: George Alexander (Secretary and Spokesperson of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE Society) in his talk at Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy Seminar Conference urged for revamping dialogue for conciliar unification between Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

He said that Mass Media has a crucial role in boosting Orthodox inter-orthodox unity, it has the dual roles of sharing inter-orthodox resources and at the same time transforming virtual unity to physical unity. He stressed the fact that the common rights of Orthodox Christianity are to be protected along with participation in ecumenical movements.

There should be a common global platform for Orthodox Christians of both family of Churches and this is the need of the hour. The dialogue for conciliar unification needs to be revamped at any cost. A common platform for Orthodoxy will be a great opportunity for mutual understating, sharing of spiritual resources, tradition faith and practices of both families of Orthodox Christianity and it will help the faithful to come together. He asked Orthodox Christians to come together despite the existing differences, creating an agreement within disagreement.

He also said that creating a pan-orthodox global media center is very important for all Orthodox Churches, to defend common Orthodox rights, to communicate the truth of Orthodoxy to the secular world, to network between both families of Orthodox Churches. He also stressed the importance of Orthodox diaspora unity.

He also stressed the fact that the unity of East will, in fact, help to boost unity with the west which will lead to global Christian unity.
OCP News Service